About us


Reales has been active as a risk-bearing, and delegated developer in the Dutch market for over 15 years. From our own portfolio, dozens of high-quality residential projects have been realised and we have been involved in some of the leading real estate developments on the market, be it the award-winning New Babylon in The Hague, the complex Atrium on Amsterdam's Zuidas, or the prestigious Manhattan in Brussels.

As a developer, we work with established partners, these are relationships that have been standing for years and with whom we confidently take on new projects.


Vision & mission

Reales is an independent property development company with a distinguished track record in both residential and commercial properties.

We are a team of dedicated and experienced professionals with extensive experience in all aspects of complex and large-scale property development.

As a team, we constantly strive to add value through a combination of thorough analysis, creativity, hands-on management and collaboration with local stakeholders and the public sector. Whether working on our own projects, with a partner, or on behalf of investors, we develop with a clear long-term vision with the ability to add value. In doing so, our unwavering commitment is to develop of the highest quality.

We are proud of our trusted reputation and professionalism within the Dutch real estate market.


Project partners